Sirman Food Processor C9 VV - 9 QT Bowl Cutter

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Sirman Food Processor C9 VV - 9 QT Bowl Cutter

Description & Usage
C9 VV bowl cutter is a high performance, versatile machine that quickly cuts, chops, kneads, blends, emulsifies and mixes vegetables, fruits, cheese and virtually any other product quickly and easily. You can use it to prepare sauces (bechamel, bolognaise, mayonnaise, tartar, vinaigrette,...), dressings (French, Italian, creamy ranch, coleslaw, humus...), fish & meat (smoked salmon pate or mousse, anchovy paste, steak tartar,...) soups (onion, potato and leek, split pea, tomato,...) and mince bell peppers, parsley, onions and many other products. Thanks to the adjustable speed control you can process each product with the right speed! The two powerful motors are placed along side the bowl to avoid cooking of the food. The see-through lid allows you to constantly and easily check the progress of the operations. Additional ingredients can safely be added while processing using the wide 2" feed opening on the lid. One year part and labor warranty.

Standard accessories: Lid cap, cleaning spatula, sharpening stone.
Optional accessories: Serrated knives shaft, emulsifying knives shaft.

Features Technical:
• The stainless steel body and bowl withstand heavy usage.
• Motor and bowl are placed side by side to keep the heat from the motor away form the food.
• The exclusive adjustable speed control allows for processing each product at its own speed.
• See-through lid with 2" wide feed opening to add products while machine is working.
Opening can be closed to avoid spills with supplied cap.
• The bowl has a special thermal diffusion bottom to be used on fire.
• The handles on the bowl allow for easy removal and handling.
• The motor and knife shafts are sealed to avoid leaks to the motor.

• One interlock turns the machine off when the bar keeping the lid in place is moved to the side.
• A second interlock stops the machine and prevents it from starting when the lid is not in place.

• Knife and bowl are easily removable.
• The processors flat surfaces are easy to clean.
• The bowl (without lid) is dishwasher safe.

Construction: Body and bowl made from stainless steel.
See-through lid made form Kostil™ plastic.
"S" blade knife made from high-quality cutlery stainless steel.
Shaft made from high-resistant Moplen™ plastic.
Motor: 2 motors 1/2 Hp (400W) each, belt-driven, fan cooled.
Plug & Cord: Attached, flexible, 3 wire SJT AWG 18, 6" long.
Controls: Touch panel with ON (1) and OFF (0) buttons, green (machine connected) and orange
(machine working) pilot lights.
Model C9 VV
Power watt 350+350 - 0,5+0,5 Hp
Power source 120V AC 60Hz 6.8 Amp
Bowl capacity 9 qt
Revolutions R.p.m. 1.500 ÷ 2.800
A 8 7/8
B 16 1/8
C 18 1/2
D 13
E 15 3/4
Net weight 51 lbs.
Shipping dimensions 28 3/8 x 13 3/4 x 19 11/16
Shipping weight 55 lbs.
  • Model: C9-VV
  • Shipping Weight: 55lbs
  • Manufactured by: Sirman